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Q  & A

Do we obtain our marriage license from you?

No. You must contact the county court house in which you plan on getting married. Once I perform your ceremony you have the choice of dropping it back off to the court house, mailing it in or have me mail it in for you.

How do we book you?

Once I have received your signed contract with deposit you will officially be on my calendar. Remember it's first come first serve. So their may be other couples requesting the same date.

What if we have questions prior to our ceremony?

After I am officially booked, I am always available via text, phone, email, video if you need me. If meeting up in person is not convenient due to your schedule I am always available via video chat.

Can you marry us with short notice?

CERTAINLY! A 24 hour noticed is recommended but not necessary. Need to tie the knot in a hurry? Have your marriage license in hand? Please give me a call. 904-669-7755

What style is the ceremony?

My  non-denominational ceremonies are basically in four parts.
1) Opening Words
2) Question of Intention (where you answer I DO)
3) Exchange of Rings and Vows- repeat of me. 
4) Closing Words / Pronouncement.

You can make additions to your ceremony as well:  Have a guest/friend/family member do a reading, 
unity candle, sand ceremony, hand-fasting, etc. 

Do you come to rehearsal?

Most of the time I do not attend a rehearsal, but I can. (Requires a rehearsal fee.)
Check to see if your venue has a coordinator to run a rehearsal.
If you have a large wedding party (grandparents, parents, attendants) walking down the aisle, it would be WISE to have me there too.

Do you offer prayer or religion into your ceremonies?

No. If you are looking for a religous type of ceremony I recommend contacting your local church where a pastor of preacher can officiate your ceremony. My style or officiating is non-denominational. My ceremonies are super special and intimate but not religious. However, if you would like prayer at your ceremony you have the option of having a family member or friend lead in prayer prior to my script.

Q & A: Event Services

Do you need a microphone for my quest to hear you better?

Most of the time no. 

If your wedding is outdoors or you have more than 40 guests I recommend it. 
This must be provided by you via your sound system from a DJ or audio company.

What happens if you become unavailable due to illness or conflict?

In the many years of performing ceremonies, I have never needed to find a substitute .
However, if the need arises I do have a back up officiant. 

Do you offer same sex weddings?

Yes, yes and 100% yes!!! I would be honored to make you Mr. & Mr. or Mrs. & Mrs.!

Do you stay for dinner after the ceremony?

Typically no, once I am done with the ceremony, I stay for pictures if asked, then I leave. Most of the time, I am heading to perform another ceremony.

Do you offer discounts?

YES! I offer first responder (my daughter is a first responder), military, teacher, and medical field discounts. Proof is required. Please contact me for more info.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. I accept, cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp and Paypal.

Do you help set up or clean up before and after the ceremony?

No, I will arrive about 30 minutes or more prior to your ceremony and leave after.

Q & A: Event Services
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